Pre Purchase Inspection

Purchasing a used caravan or motorhome is a great way to enter the world of caravanning or even to find a good bargain! However it is important to make sure your new holiday home is fit for purpose and has no hidden issues. I can also organise a CRIS check as part of the inspection (similar to a car HPI) for you, this will tell you if your caravan :-

• Has ever been written off by an insurance company
• Has any outstanding finance / debts
• Is recorded on the Security Register (Vehicles that are at a high risk of fraud or theft).

The register is used by finance companies and the caravan trade to help ensure a caravan can be traced if someone fraudulently attempts to sell it.

CRiS also checks the registered keeper’s details, number of previous owners and that the correct make and model derivative has been recorded with CRiS against the VIN / chassis number supplied.

Once an inspection is complete you will receive a full report and the CRIS document if required.

Please contact me on 01274 892797 to arrange an inspection!