Solar Installations

Solar power is a great way to be energy efficient and save you some money. As I am City & Guilds certified in extra low voltage systems (12 volts) you can be assure of a quality installation completed to industry standards. As everyone’s power consumption & electrical setup is different it is important to design the solar array to each customers individual requirements.

The photos below show a top quality installation to a narrowboat using Uni-solar flexible panels imported from Florida (these can be walked on) and the excellent Morningstar Tristar 45 MPPT controller/regulator.

This setup regularly charges at around 20 amps in the summer, charging the 450 amp bank of Trojan battery cells perfectly!

This installation on a motorhome used the highly regarded victron MPPT control unit along with the latest lay flat solar panels.

So if you feel solar power is for you please do not hesitate to contact me on 01274 892797!